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What is it and how do you play? Mini-baccarat is essentially the same game as standard casino baccarat, with the exception that players do not take turns being the banker. The mini baccarat table is about the same size as a standard blackjack felt, and utilizes just one dealer who manages to take care of every aspect of the game from their central location.

An advantage to you and I with mini-baccarat is that the 'high roller' expectations are discarded. You can dress as casual as you like, and the table minimums are nowhere near what you find behind the velvet ropes.

These days, if you don't play online, baccarat can be hard to find in Vegas and Atlantic City. In Vegas, only the largest casinos offer baccarat anymore. Downtown, the only casino that offers it is the Golden Nugget, and even then it's only offered on weekends in the evenings. The evening dealing seems a common trait, and no casino has a full-blown baccarat room running during the day. The high roller expectations aren't just in the clothing of course, the table minimums are quite high. Michael Shackelford, who runs describes asking around at the baccarat rooms in Vegas. At the MGM Grand, the minimums were either $500 or $1000; not exactly pocket change to some. The Stardust advertises a $25 minimum table, but I've never seen it. Shackelford points out that the Silver Legacy casino in Reno offers baccarat with a $10 minimum.

Fortunately for us, mini-baccarat has become more predominant in Vegas of late. $10 minimum tables are no longer difficult to find. Since it's unlikely online casinos would have much luck with $100 table minimums on baccarat, but you will still occasionally find a higher minimum than other games.