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Areas on the Mini-Baccarat Table

Mini-Baccarat Table Layout1 - Chip stacks
2 - Banker betting area
3 - Player betting area
4 - The Shoe
5 - Commission Boxes
6 - Tie betting area

As you can see from having a full baccarat and mini baccarat table to compair, the mini baccarat board is basically one end of the full game board, with the essential dealer features tacked on to the top. Fashioned like a blackjack table, and about the same size, there is only a single dealer in mini-baccarat who takes care of all processes, including banker. Just like the full board there are seven areas around the outer edge of the table, each with three possible spots for betting. The shoe and chips are positioned in a manner similar to blackjack tables. The unique area of this board is the commission boxes and the area beneath them where the dealer places the dealer and player hands. To place your bet at a mini-baccarat table simply put your chips down in the circle representing either player or banker, or on the number in the tie betting area.

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