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Welcome to, an online resource dedicated to answering your questions, and providing you with quality information and entertainment about both casino and online baccarat.

Baccarat is a casino game unlike any other. It is simple to master, fun and easy to play, but still regarded as being one of the most sophisticated games at the casino. In Las Vegas you'll typically find the baccarat tables in a separate room or behind velvet ropes. Part of the casino's strategy is to entice players to play certain games. Baccarat is no exception to this rule. Quite the contrary; it's the perfect example. A couple of Vegas girls occupy the table area full time for added elegance, and the dealer dons a tux for the same reason. This of course all seems a little paradoxical. Aren't the sophisticated games supposed to be the ones you have to spend a lifetime learning? Apparently not, as baccarat, one of the world's easiest games, has shown.

So what does this simple game offer that everyone finds so appealing? That's a tough question actually, because it's hard to determine what baccarat's draw is from one player to the next. Some love the simplicity, some love the really low house edge, and others play just for the sense of elegance. One odd thing about baccarat is that you will hear it referred to as being a highly profitable game for the casino. Then, from another player, you might hear that it's one of the top profit makers for players. My guess is this results from a combination of a very low house edge, and the ability the casinos have in attracting high rollers to the baccarat room. Always seemingly just out of reach, baccarat is kept behind the velvet to make the high rollers feel as though they have their own secret game which the common Joe can't play. As shall prove to you, this is not so. Although the casino may make it seem to be a game reserved only for the gambling elite, baccarat is in fact one of the easiest games to master. Although the casino can put a high table minimum on a game by putting it in its own room and providing players with special treatment, how could an online casino justify the same thing? Online baccarat starting as low as $10 is easy to find. wants to bring you more than just information about the game. We'll also provide you with a little background into how the game functions in the online world. As you know already, land-based casinos treat baccarat players like royalty, infuse baccarat rooms with crazy amounts of style and elegance, from chandeliers to beautiful girls, all in order to present the game in a different light to players. This successfully attracts a certain style of gambler, ones with enough casual wealth to play $500 minimum tables all night, yet it often excludes the masses. It's next to impossible to create a similar experience online. Virtual velvet ropes and separate rooms for baccarat online don't convey any special meaning, unlike the real ones in land-based casinos. As a result baccarat is now as easy to play as a slot machine, except you don't have to travel to the casino anymore. So thanks for visiting, take some time to brush up on your game-play, learn for the first time, or just enjoy our free game.

Finding an online casino that will best serve an Aussie gambler

For most gamblers there is always a bit of down time where going to a live casino is either not convenient of there just is not one close by. This is where the convenience of an online casino comes into play. For the Australian gambling public there could be nothing better to pass the time. If quick access is what you are really after then taking advantage of a casino download could be the best option. The download for a casino site is usually quite small but taking the time to install the software will allow you to install all of your favourite games so you can access them with just the click of a button.

For gamblers in Australia, this can be quite handy as legislation on live casinos and even on simple pub slot machines is still quite strict. Having access at all hours is just the beginning; from here you will find a world of opportunities at your fingertips. The selection of games available at an online casino is so vast that you would struggle to play each and every one. No matter your taste in games there will surely be something to suit you. All it takes is the quick casino download, a short sign up process and you could be gambling away to your heart's content in no time at all. Just be sure to take the time to find a site that suits your needs and offers you a competitive service for your area, because there is nothing worse than trying to deal with a problem when the service centre is in a different time zone.

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